Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dining Room Duo

Here is the second part of what I did for Carol & Vickie in their Dining rooms...

For Carol we did the Troy Lighting Bentley two tier chandelier. She LOVES Williams Sonoma Home and was absolutely thrilled to see that they just recently introduced the Bentley single tier in Their lighting collection. However, they price it at $995.00 where our double tier was less than that!

Vickie went with this gorgeous fixture from Progress. Progress has just recenlty come out with the COOLEST transitional collections. One thing I love about this chandelier and the entire collection is that it comes with white shades as well as black ones. You can also purchase red shades and blue shades. Someone should seriously do some red, white, and blue shades on this chandelier for the holiday! How cute would that be?! Have a great 4th! I am off to Lake Powell, yay!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Ceiling for the Stars...

I have never been much of a car person. My dream car is still a convertible volkswagon beetle. However, I did find myself coveting this lovely option for a car...

Rolls-Royce now offers 'Stars' to set the mood in your luxurious ride! Anyone want to guess how much it runs for? Okay, I'll tell you... Just a mere $12,100.00 for 1,600 teensy LED lights in the headliner. Only $7.56 a light! Its totally worth it right? now if only they could put it in my dream beetle...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fans: A must have in AZ

I have client from NYC who moved here in January into a gorgeous new home. She was adamant about having only chandeliers throughout her entire home because she loathed the look of ceiling fans. I told her to go through a summer here before she made that final decision. She refused and filled her home with chandeliers. Now it is almost July, she called me yesterday and we ordered 5 fans! Luckily she has a good sense of humor and plenty of space to find room for those chandeliers she is replacing.

One of my favorite fan vendors is Matthews Fan Co. They make it all here in the U.S.A and have probably the most unique fans I have ever seen. We put one in my In-laws home and it is an absolute conversation piece. Everyone that enters the home LOVES it and asks all about it. Lucky for me, she is so great and tells them to come see me and I will get them one! They have so many different styles, they even make wall fans! I have a secret love for their copper fans though. Talk about unique!

Check out more of their stuff here!

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting up a kitchen is probably my favorite project. There's just so much cool stuff you can do! Carol and Vickie are best friends so of course, they came in together to get new lighting for their homes. They have such a fun fresh style & I loved working with both of them.

For Vickie's home we went with this Sonneman pendant, honestly one of my favorite lights ever. It is SO cool in real life. Unfortunately their website is for dealers only but we do have a catalog if you would like to come in and check out more of their stuff.

Carol did her kitchen remodel before I knew her but I had to show it because I love what she did.

She combined TechLighting's "FireFrost" cluster over her table with their "Inner Fire" pendants over her island. I love that idea! The beautiful thing about Tech Lighting is how customizable everything is. You should definitely check out their stuff. Even to flip through their Gallery is so inspiring.

Thanks megan for taking such awesome pictures! You can check out more of her stuff Here

Here we go...

Hi! I have created this blog for anyone and everyone who has any interest in lighting. I will include pictures from jobs I have done, great tips and tricks, really anything I think is relevant to the lighting world, & maybe a little bit of extras. Hope this works, come back and see more soon!